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Coin error guide

The go-to interactive Resource.

For hunters of COIN Errors & Varieties. Finally a resource that will save you TIME so you can hunt more.

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U.S. Coins:  Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half, Dollar

Step 1 — Click on a Denomination. Look at the year (Current – 1920). Each year contains a brief Error/variety description

Step 2 — Unsure if a coin is a GOOD one? Each year contains a clickable link to view images of the error/variety in question.

  • 1992 Penny Example: Click on the Penny page. Look at 1992. The guide will say “Close A/M”. Click on the link. You can then view an image of the 1992 Close AM Penny, its population numbers, values — and verify it!

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